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Mandy H.

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Girl with Bike

I have no hesitation to recommend Lianne after receiving treatment for a damaged Coccyx. I could not sit at all after the injury but with the great care and advice from Lianne I managed to drive from Portugal to the UK. I really didn’t think I would be able to manage it but I did. Thank you so much Lianne, next leg of the journey driving from UK to Germany!

Piet B.
Wheelchair Accessibility

In September 2018 Lianne helped me with a painful hip and low back. Thanks to her professional treatment I could shortly move without pain again. 

I've also really appreciated her kindness and engagement. 

*translated from Dutch

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Ducks Over the Lake
John P.

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I was recommended to Lianne by 2 friends. I had a very bad back problem after having fallen from ladders 3 months before. After 3 sessions i am walking better and my back is healing nicely. I have no hesitation in recommending Lianne Trines. Best wishes for a successful move and continued success, you deserve it. 

Flowers on a balcony
Miriam H.

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Ashtanga Yoga

I feel very lucky to have found Lianne.  I arrived at my first appointment in a lot of pain and finding movement very difficult; after her treatment and care I walked out a different person.  Not only did Lianne identify and relieve the problem, but took the time to explain to me exactly what the issue was and why it happened, how to deal with it and what to do to improve my back health.  The following appointments I booked have helped to resolve the issue, and improve my understanding of the problem and my approach to managing it.  After years of dealing with the ongoing challenge and misery of serious back pain it's wonderful to feel confident that this won't be a part of my life in the future - thank you Lianne!

Andy B.

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Moving In

Lianne has provided me with an excellent service of assessment and rehabilitation for the effects of both an injury to my lower back and leg caused by sport and moving heavy furniture (a "trapped nerve", or "IKEA sofa syndrome", as I call it) and, currently, the after-effects of an assault which caused a hi-injury. I have been thoroughly impressed with her overall professionalism, and the high standards of care, but particularly the time she takes to explain to the lay person exactly what conclusions she has reached, to explain her plan to address the problems, and the after-care. I had never expected to also be able to contact her by email from another country to report my progress and receive advice that way. Within a few sessions to address the first problem, the major issues I had with walking had been relieved and I was making major progress. The later problem resulted in her requesting precautionary x-rays to check that no bone damage had occurred before she is ready to create a rehab plan -. which I thought was a wise decision demonstrating her professionalism. I have had no hesitation in recommending her to friends, and I know they have been equally delighted with the service provided.

Spring Branches
Janet C.

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Dog Walking on a Sunny Day

I would, and do, recommend Lianne Trines to anyone with any problems that a chiropractor can assist with. Last February, nearly one year ago, my back - always a trouble since I was 21 years old - went drastically. This time was different as it had affected the whole of my right leg and foot. Last February this meant the pain level went up to 100%, also I could hardly walk. As I attend keep fit three times a week this was a shock. I was due in UK 10 days later to care for my sick elderly parents. No way I could cancel. I stumbled, dosed up on high painkillers to Torquay. The day after I called my Torquay chiropractor who has looked after me for 30 plus years. She spent the next three weeks putting me back together which included an X-ray which showed the true serious nature of the damage. Once I staggered back to the Algarve four weeks later, my UK chiropractor recommended I contact Lianne Trines. I did. Best thing I did. It took a couple of months but Lianne got me out of pain and walking again. She was amazing. I will continue to recommend her and know she will save me again when I need her. Also she welcomed my Medic Alert Assistance Dog Cleo who is with me 24/7. Thanks Lianne for that.